Monday, June 26, 2006

June 26, 2006

Last night John and I took Tonka for a walk. He was kind of more in my space than usual. Not the entire time, but enough that he got worked hard when we got home. Every time he'd see something he was worried about he'd try to walk sideways behind me, and once kicked my foot as he walked. Not okay. So we lunged and backed and had a bit of a fit, and finally settled into the work and lunged past and stood next to the scary object without trying to run me out of the way with his shoulder. In this case the scary object was a gate. The lunging was a bit rusty at first. He wants to go around once and then stop, and thinks he can get out of it if he finds a special place that facilitates stopping. Or if he runs over feed tubs or salt blocks. He was pretty well sweated up by the time we finished, but he'd done very well.

Oh! We got to deal with cars going by for the first time. The first one he was facing away from and he kind of ran backwards once it got past us, then stoppped. The next one scared him a little, he was also not quite facing it. Then the next one, with a trailer on back, didn't bother him much. He was facing it, knew what was coming, I think that helped. The last one he just watched.

I will be gone for a week starting today. In Hawaii. I'm going to miss being home! I am such a homebody. There's so much to do here, I just don't want to leave. But it'll be fun.

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