Saturday, June 03, 2006

June 3, 2006 - Day 14

Only two weeks until he was able to go to the bigger pen! He's doing great! He got to meet Soxy over the fence, she squealed and struck at him a few times but he wasn't too worried about that. He found the sheep extremely interesting and the dogs a little scary. All these critters are just across the fence from him. He went into the somewhat dark stall with no fear.

I left the drag rope on him for a little while just in case. You can see in one of the pictures the short section of fence that isn't "solid." Most of it is either non-climb or cattle panels, but I was worried he might go through the electric part. He still could, but I don't think he will. After a little while I switched him to a halter with a very short rope, and pretty soon I'll go take that off. He's just hanging around eating. He did trot around just a little when I took the dogs out. It was nice to see him able to move around! I need to figure out which horse is most likely to keep him moving and put them together once he can go out to pasture. I don't want him getting too wimpy and soft.

I think I'll wait until I know he knows about the electric before I turn him out into an area fenced only with electric. I want to get him out on that grass, in a big pasture, so he can eat and run and grow!

This horse brings tears to my eyes so often. I am just so impressed and happy with him.

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