Sunday, June 04, 2006

June 4, 2006 - Day 15

Last night I let Soxy in with Tonka. I think putting her out in the tall grass for the day was a very bad idea, she's getting ouchy and I think on the verge of founder. They're getting along great most of the time, hanging out together. Soxy occasionally squeals and lightly strikes at him. Unfortunately I got in the middle of that today and she thumped me on my thigh. Barely hurt, but she got a serious "talking to." Mares! I love her dearly but that's not okay.

Tonka was shockingly muddy yesterday, so he got a good grooming tonight. He's so good for my soul. He's not a perfect angel and sometimes I push him past his comfort zone, but we had some good quiet time together, just brushing and brushing. His coat is getting really soft. I re-did the mane braids so it looks a little more civilized now. More of a french braid. I want to train his mane to the right so that his freezebrand shows. Partially out of vanity, I want everyone to know he's a mustang. But also partially for safety, so that if he's stolen or gets away or something nobody will miss the fact that he's branded.

Earlier we had another great learning experience! We walked up the long driveway, through big puddles, between trees and brush, to the road to check the mailbox. Della led the way without a horse, but I notice he's reassured by someone being in the lead. A big camper went by on the road when we were almost to it but he didn't even notice. He got to whinny at the mares across the way and see the little quarter horse stud colt who is the same color he is. Then we went and thumped on the mailbox, opened and closed it and checked out the red flag and he touched it with his nose. then he looked at the mares some more and forgot the mailbox was there and when it "reappeared" he jumped a bit. Silly horse. Went back down the hill and just had a momentary scary moment behind the shed. He kind of toed the bones of my foot and it hurt. Oh well.

There were a lot of downpours today but the times in between were sunny and beautiful and I got to spend some good time with Tonka.

Oh, I keep forgetting to mention what my 4 year old son said the other day. He was leaning through the gate petting Tonka on the nose, and he looked at me and said, very matter-of-factly, very pleased, in his sweet little voice, "He's not a wild horse anymore."

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