Wednesday, June 07, 2006

June 7, 2006 - Day 18

I have been lax in my writing. Not because we haven't been doing anything! We went for another walk up the driveway to the mailbox, and up and down the road just a little. The only problem that I ran into was that when I'd ask him to move his shoulder out of my space he'd slow down, and when I asked him to speed back up he'd get in my space again. We mostly worked through it.

I don't remember if I mentioned that he's graduated to a new and better area again. This area is fenced with 2 strands of Horse Guard electric tape. He respects the fence nicely so far. And he has lots of grass to eat! He's a happy boy. Soon he'll be able to go out in the big pasture. I don't want to put him out there until I'm sure we won't be able to find someone to hay it. I'd really like to have the hay, but I haven't found anyone to do it yet.

Yesterday I thought about putting a saddle on him, but decided to go with the bareback pad. I walked up to the gate with this jingly mass of cinch, breast collar, and pad, and he walked right up to me as if to say, "Hey, whatcha got?" It was really cool. I put it on, off, on, off, dropped it, let him investigate - the usual routine. I thought about cinching it up but decided just to pretend to. Pulled it kind of tight, released, did something else for a minute, repeated. He got comfortable with it. Good boy!

Tonight I sprayed him with fly spray! He didn't even have a halter on. I started at the shoulder because that usually seems like the best place to not "drive" them forward or back. Then did the neck and back to the flank before he got really uncomfortable. Took a break, walked away, he followed the whole time, checking out the spray bottle. Sprayed the other side the same way and soon was able to spray his hiney and under parts. I wish they knew that it's what keeps bugs off, so they could appreciate it more, but I'm sure they don't make the connection. He had some welts yesterday, either from mosquitos or horseflies, so I'm glad he's going to be so nice about letting me spray him.

Eww, then I was petting him and somehow ended up rubbing the inside of his ear, I think he rubbed it on me. It left blood so I checked and he had bugs in there. Little things, blood suckers of some sort, not a lot but enough to be uncomfortable. I smeared all of the inside of his ears with Swat, a bug repelling ointment. In the process I think I squashed most of the bugs. I hope it helps.

I am as always amazed at what this horse will do for me. I still get teary-eyed fairly regularly over how wonderful he is. I am so grateful to have this horse. It's really awesome, in the true sense of the word, that a wild animal would be this willing, and really WANT to build such and intimate relationship with a person. I'm having an absolute blast.

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