Thursday, August 03, 2006

August 3, 2006

More footwork today. He did great! I am very pleased with him. No trying to knock the stand over or take feet away or anything. No worries about the trimming tools. Just one thing, he moves his hindquarters away when I approach them. I think it's a mixture of me inadvertently asking him to move (I'm not very careful about my body movements sometimes, especially when flies are bothering me), and the fact that he's still a little uncomfortable with his back feet being picked up. But he's not doing anything really wrong. I just hope he doesn't do anything worse for the farrier. It's always different with a new person.

I should have time this afternoon and tomorrow morning to fiddle with him before the trimmer comes at 12:30. I can't wait to see his new feet!

This guy that's trimming for me is supposed to be really good. He wasn't accepting new clients for the longest time, but has shrunk the area he's working in so he can stay more local, so he's now accepting clients. I am so glad. He's a Gene Ovnicek (sp?) follower, and very pro-barefoot, although he does still shoe using Natural Balance methods (, but only if he thinks it's really necessary. I'd rather have a trimmer that follows Pete Ramey, but we don't have any of those around here, and I really think this guy will do well with my horses. I'm very excited to see how the oldsters improve. Soxy should do better with her breakover back, and Coda, well he's got such messed up damaged feet I'll be surprised no matter what. One front is probably navicular and the other was torn partially off at some point in his previous life, so it's all weird. Anyway, I'll try to remember to mention how that goes.

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