Friday, August 04, 2006

August 4, 2006

Tonka got a good trim today! I am happy with this new trimmer. The trim is funny looking because he takes the breakover back so far and the hoof ends up kind of square. But he's made a lot of lame horses sound. He worked really nicely with Tonka, basically doing what I had done wiht him. Taking it easy on him for the most part, but when Tonka took his foot away (only once) or backed up too much trying to avoid having his foot picked up, Don (the trimmer) made it harder on him by backing him up longer and faster than Tonka wanted to go. He really liked Tonka's big feet, said he'd like to see domestic horses with feet like that. And when I told him Tonka's name he said, "Awesome." That's another thing I liked about him, he asked the horses' names. Well, the horses he liked. He really liked Lyric and I think he liked Tonka. Or maybe just knew he needed more understanding. But he raved about Lyric. Loved his hoof quality and his good-boy personality.

My preparatory work on Tonka didn't make him perfect, and I'm not sure how much it helped, but Don was really appreciative that I had done it. I think he gets a lot of customers who won't prepare or even reprimand their "babies." Yeah, I love my horses but I also require them to be handleable! Apparently he had someone who thought he was abusing their horse by backing it up the way he did Tonka. Whatever.

Anyway, I'll post before and after pics tomorrow. No time today to take after pictures. Sigh. I am so exhausted lately. So much to do, so little time and energy to get it done.

Happy Trails!

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