Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tonka and I did went for a walk the other day. He was happy and relaxed and a very good boy, out in the fields. I took him to a nice green spot to graze, then we went through shoulder high grass and weeds for a long time (stickers getting caught in the lead rope, should have worn gloves). Lyric was hollering the whole time, and dashing back and forth across the pasture. Tonka was content to follow me, and ignored Lyric. What a wonderful thing!

We went to the top of the hill behind the house, where there are trees and water is running loudly underground. Tonka was a little worried about the water noise. But not too bad. Then I took him over to a pile of brush. I asked him to cross it, thinking he'd just step through it like I do, picking where to put his feet. Well no. He stepped on a branch, it moved, scared him, he got his foot hooked in a crotch pulling back, and it went with him! I had to let go of the lead rope he was backing so fast. So it took a minute for him to stop moving and let me catch him. Was a little worrisome, but we were in the middle of the property and I had him blocked from heading up the driveway. We went back and worked on crossing that same branch for a long time. Finally he crossed it from both directions. His problem with it was that it curved up into the air, and every time he touched it the whole thing would move, and the part in the air a few feet away scared him. Then I introduced him to the steer. He was mildly curious, not at all afraid. The steer was the same. Wants a friend I think. Then away we went, back into the pasture. Oh, I forgot to mention I took him out and in through a narrow gate for the first time. Most of our gates are 8 foot, this one is probably 3. He did pretty well. Had to think about it but not for long.

Today I think we'll work on trailer loading in the evening, and probably some tying, if things go well. Next weekend there's a clinic on how to do trail competitions. I'm going to go and ride Danni, but I'm going to ask if I can bring Tonka too and do some of the easier things in-hand. Katia and Soxy are going too. Fun fun!

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