Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I have done pretty much nothing but feed and occasionally pet Tonka for the last month or so. He is still a good boy but we do need to start working again. My neighbor asked if I'm riding him yet, and it got me to thinking I should quit slacking! Not necessarily ride him immediately, but get back to work.

This morning we didn't work but I did move Tonka to a different pasture. He startled at Baab the sheep stepping on some sheet metal in the junk pile. I think that's reasonable. Other than that he did great. He didn't forget that gates are okay to walk through like I had expected.

I think I might shirk my housewifely duties today while Liam is at preschool and take Tonka for a walk around the property. I will start ponying him soon, but I want to use Danni because she doesn't get cranky about it like Soxy does, and Danni has an owie on her neck where the reins sit so she's on vacation.

On another note, we got a steer! Kind of a runt, one of the neighbor's culls, but it's what he was willing to give us in exchange for the hay he got off our property. I want to semi-tame him so we can handle him easily. Some people think that's a bad idea, they want them to remain afraid of humans so they don't crowd you and stuff. I need to gather more info on it I suppose. This morning I did start the process of "gentling" him, just like I would with a horse. Sat on a bucket somewhat near his hay. He wasn't liking it at first, but after a while he got within a foot of me, with his neck stretched out to sniff. He also thought the sheep were great when they stopped by his pen to visit. We're going to get another one soon so he won't be lonely. And when the time comes we can eat one and sell the other. And Tonka can learn not to be afraid of livestock! He's not at all worried about the sheep, so now on to cattle!

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