Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I got a new headstall, a kind I really like the look of, and I’m not sure I like it on my horses with a snaffle bit. I’ve been told by one person that it just doesn’t look right with a snaffle, it needs a shanked bit to look right, but I ride in a snaffle. Here are pictures. One of Tonka, who had never had a bit in his mouth before, thus the funny face, and it wasn’t adjusted quite right, the sides needed to come down farther to cover up the sides of the bit. The other is Danni, and I think I had it adjusted right on her, with the bit hidden better. I can take it back and get something more conventional, but I don’t know whether I should. I really like this type of bridle. But the more I look at it the more I wonder if it really does look stupid. (It’s going to look bad enough riding Danni in an English saddle with western tack otherwise, until I find a western saddle to fit her). What would you do? Take it back or keep it?

By the way, if you're reading both my horse blogs, sorry that the last few posts have been duplicate. Just want to make sure I cover all bases with these two. And I don't know why this is in bold...

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