Friday, June 29, 2007

We had another good ride yesterday. Practiced more ground obstacles and trotted circles and serpentines. He's got me a bit shaken. I think the ground obstacles would be a lot easier for him to do if I wasn't so worried about them. I wasn't worried about them before, but you know, falling off isn't fun. Todd keeps teasing me and saying he got the arena footing all fluffed up for me. I told him I wasn't going to fall off anymore. And I didn't. We both progressively got more relaxed. At one point when going over a short railroad tie he got all bunched up like he wanted to jump, and unfortunately I got scared, but I pushed him over it and he didn't jump and we did it over and over and over again until it was pretty boring and not much to worry about. I really think we made a lot of progress, and Todd said I looked a lot more relaxed. So that's good.

My tailbone was hurting after the ride, and is hurting a lot worse today. That first fall was a while ago now... I guess I'm just going to have a painful tailbone for a while and I'll have to deal with it. I've thought maybe I need to go to a chiropractor, but I just don't know.

Oh, and I watched Todd drag a log on him. He did great. Kind of cautious, watching it with his ears, but didn't overreact at all. Until he stepped over the rope and got it wrapped around his back leg. Then he just backed up quickly for a few feet.

Yesterday was so busy! But we have most of our hay taken care of for the year now. Just have to wait for the neighbor to cut and bale our fields, and then pick that stuff up. (Unless we decide to sell it out of the field and let someone else deal with it.)

Well, I'm off to try to put a dent in the to-do list.

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