Tuesday, July 24, 2007

There is an extreme trail challenge in Santa, Idaho the weekend after next, and I hadn't even considered going, since we're not at all near ready for that sort of thing. Today I was talking to my sister, telling her I was thinking about taking Tonka to the fair, just for the experience of being there, not to show. She brought up the trail event, and I realized that yeah, that's an awesome idea! They're already taking a trailer, have a free spot, and are going to trail ride on some logging roads too. Perfect! Treed trail experience on a wide, brush free road. And he'll get to be in the middle of all the goings on of such an event, and I'm hoping I can walk him through the course after the competition is over. They often put out cougar and bear scent, and have even been known to have a caged badger. Of course they'll also have all the more conventional stuff like the cowboy curtain and other obstacles. So, let me tell you, I am pumped! I'm not totally sure I can go, since I haven't even mentioned it to John yet, but hopefully it'll all work out.

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