Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I hadn't ridden Tonka for a couple days. The first day I didn't ride he had a bad bug bite on his back, so I just trimmed his hooves. Yesterday I spent 8 hours sorting sheep in the very hot heat. It got up to at least 96. I wasn't good for much after that, although I was proud to be able to do some laundry and work on my drip irrigation system for my young aspens.

(Oh, and about those sheep! There are two "pet" sheep that may go to auction if the buyers who are coming over the next few days don't want them. I want to bring them home! But I really must face that we're not set up for sheep, and sheep poo in the yard isn't fun...

This morning we had a good-sized ride. Went out into the hay field, came back and did a lot of serpentines and figure 8's and crossed some scary obstacles, then rode through the barn area, which is usually kind of scary for them, and out into the pasture. He was not nearly as good today. No silliness, but a spirit of "I don't want to." He was concerned about his buddies who were calling to him from both ends of the property. Wasn't following his head, was drifting, trying to ignore my legs, etc. No big deal. We did go through a couple spots he'd rather not have had to, and he went on through like a good boy.

Vacation again in 2 days... Vacation is way too much work. But we're kind of obligated to go to this one, it's the family reunion. I'm really looking forward to seeing my grandparents. Not so much the rest of the family, but oh well. It'll be fun.

I'm off to prepare!

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