Thursday, July 19, 2007

What a great evening! The kids are having a sleepover so John got to ride with me, and a friend came over and rode Soxy too. We had a lot of fun! Tonka was such a good boy. We went all over the hay field, up a long steep hill, back down, and back to the front field and a few scary obstacles. He thought our shadows were a little weird, and a couple spots on the ground were strange, I think where long dead grass was lying down and shining in the sun. A bucket by the (still uncompleted) round pen was kind of scary. All those things he just looked at though. He did balk a bit at a piece of sheet metal. Oh, and he was kind of a pill in the tall grass, eating the seed heads that were right there in his face. Which I really don't mind as long as he'll keep his speed up (he didn't) and not do it when we're going down steep hills (he did, once). We'll work it out. Those are definitely small things. What a boy. My friend was really impressed with him, and gave him lots of compliments, which made me proud.

John and Mack had some challenges that they worked through, so that was great too. I keep worrying that John really doesn't enjoy riding at all. After finally getting Mack to cross a log he said, "Well this has been a great ride." I thought he was being sarcastic because Mack took so long to do it, but he really did mean it. He was happy to have had a problem and worked through it. Maybe he'll be a happy horseman yet! (Although I'm sure he'd MUCH rather have a dirt bike.) I'm so glad he's trying it out for me though. And even more glad that he and Mack are working out. Someone once said something about their perfect horse... Darn it I can't remember what it was. Something about the perfect horse being enough of a challenge to keep you learning. Maybe John wouldn't have liked a dud, plod along and do what you say type of horse. Mack has a personality, for sure.

Well, the dogs are letting me know in no uncertain terms that it's time to eat. Good night!

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