Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Again, nothing much to report. I was hoping to ride tonight, but then I remembered that there was an open house at school. Luckily I remembered in the middle of the day, not when it was too late. So just for you, a goofball shot of Tonka, dying to get his face into the nose bag for his goodies. We're going to have to work on calm good behavior when I'm trying to get the darn thing on him. I rushed tonight because he was being such a dork, got it situated wrong with his lead rope out the front, and then realized, "Why am I letting him rush me?" So I made him hold his head still and drop it nice so I could get it put on right. I'm glad I have that halter that fits way up on his face, so it doesn't interfere as much.

Now I find that I am babbling about uninteresting things, so I'd better go!

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