Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not much going on here, really... Today was the third day with the nose bag, now altered with scissors and two diaper pins (yes, diaper pins) so that it goes far enough up his face that he can actually eat out of it without major frustration. And I've saddled him a couple times. Yesterday I saddled him and then immediately took it off and put it back. He was pleasantly surprised. "Oh, that's it? Wow, that was easy." Lick and chew. Today I didn't cinch, just set the saddle on him three times and fiddled with it, then set it on the tie post next to him, supervised of course, that's no junk saddle for him to dump! Although I guess if it can live through his bucking and stomping spree last spring, it'd probably come through being dropped okay too.

(Anyone wondering why I'm just playing with the saddle on a horse who's already being ridden, he's just really worried about the act of setting the saddle on his back. Once it's on, no biggie. So we're working on that.)

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