Friday, August 17, 2007

First, a couple of pictures from an interesting perspective:

I had decided to sit down and watch the horses, and of course Tonka had to mosey over and see what I was up to. I turned out to be rather uninteresting, so he moseyed on...

Then it was time to feed. I have been lazy lately and just thrown flakes of hay to them. Tonight I was having such fun hanging out with them that I decided to do better by them, and prolong my "horse time." One of the important parts of natural hoof care is encouraging movement. It's really not that hard to do, if you have a herd that functions normally.

First, spread the hay out over a large area. My goal was to have many large fistfulls in a long circle, all within sight of the last bite, so they wouldn't miss and waste any hay. You can kind of see an arc of small piles of hay if you look closely at this picture.

Then watch it work. Here they're following the trail of crumbs:

Here Tonka's trying the back of the line again.

Then trying hanging out with Soxy again.

Lyric has other ideas, and tells Tonka to "step away from the mare."

Tonka obliges.

And moseys on to look for a friend to eat with.

Mack thought about telling him to go away, but I think he decided it wasn't worth his time. Tonka's kind of like the pesky little brother, not really liked because of his young horse behavior, but tolerated.

They're probably still milling around out there right now. Moving, biting, chewing, moving, digesting, chewing, moving, socializing, moving...

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