Friday, August 10, 2007

Here's what I think is a NICE picture of Tonka yesterday. That's my sister aboard. She shows and owns QHs and is not real partial to mustangs. She wanted to check out just what he could do, and she was TICKLED with him. She said she'd buy him if I was selling, which I am NOT.

Her opinion: He's smooth as a cadillac, much smoother than her Quarter Horse, who has nigh perfect conformation. He was very willing, very quick to pick up on her different way of riding, and had "her" cues figured out the second time she asked him to respond to them. She was pleasantly surprised. I can't believe she liked him well enough to buy him. That's really saying a lot! Makes me happy!

Watching what she could do with him really made me realize I need to schedule some more lessons. He's a talented boy, and he knows his stuff, and he ENJOYS it! You should have seen his sweet, happy eye as he was trotting circles around me. I need to get some more finesse.

After we rode, I tried my easyboots on him, and the fronts fit, just barely. I think the hinds will fit too. His feet are polished smooth by the footing at the training arena, and he slides a lot on the dead grass. I'm hoping the boots will help with that. I also agreed to buy her professional's choice leg boots. He's such a clumsy young colt at times, she is worried that if he knocks his naked legs he'll start to be resistant to certain maneuvers. I don't have hind splint boots wide enough for his big ol' mustang bone, so I'll have to find those. Darn it all, I liked my hind boots! But I hadn't tried them on him since he was smaller, and he definitely got bigger.

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