Friday, August 10, 2007

Today we played with branches. I rubbed them all over him and laid them over his back out in the pasture, without a halter. His head was up and he was tense in the beginning, but he didn't leave, and after half a minute he really wasn't worried about it.

Tonight I set them up so he could walk over them and he did fine. Set one on a table and he brushed by it on both sides. Worked on going over poles. He did not want to back or step sideways over them. That took a little while. Then we rode, did some trotting, came back to the obstacles. He went over the poles, then WANTED to get on the black patch of bare ground, and stood there and rested. Then we went over the branch on the hay bales, as you see above but with me aboard. First time he stalled, so we did it again and he walked right over. Then we rode back to the barn and called it a night. I unknowingly rode right under my most vocal chicken, roosting in a tree. Luckily she was asleep.

Oh, and when we were working on branches my little guy woke up from a nap (passed out on the couch just before dinner) and came to spend some time with us.

Isn't that just sweet!

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