Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Once again I apologize for the lack of anything interesting going on in the mustang department. Today I plan on working on fence. Probably all day long. With little rest periods like right now. I'm rearranging my fence lines just a tad. I need to make my "sacrifice area" larger so I don't feel so bad locking them in off the pasture, then end up letting them out anyway to tear it up and over graze. I can't decide exactly what I want to do for permanent fencing, so I think i'm just going to put in some temporary posts and cheap tape and see if I like how it works over the winter. If I like it, maybe I'll put in better fencing in the spring. Or just leave it the way it is, if it weathers well without getting too tacky looking. After all, we don't need really stout fencing inside, so long as the perimeter is safe.

We may be taking in a couple horses to board, so I'll be cleaning up in general and doing some other fence fixes in that area. Fun stuff. I really do enjoy it, other than the fact that my elbow hurts and it's hot work. It's so quiet and peaceful, and fun to watch the horses notice the major change and how they react to it.

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