Friday, September 14, 2007

It's sure been a while since I've written. I haven't been spending much time with the horses for the last several days. I did go for a ride down the road with a friend of mine on Monday. Tonka was a peach. He startled when a bunch of quail flew out of a thicket, but then the next two times it happened he just watched them. On the way back we rode by a big junkyard type of property, with all kinds of places something could jump out of. He did walk sideways past part of that, I'm not sure why, but it could have been the little hound dog chained up amidst the chaos.

It cracked me up, when my friend got here she'd just stopped by the grocery store to grab lunch. She had a small bag of chips and a plastic deli bag. Far from being afraid of the plastic, Tonka was trying to get a taste of what was inside. Goofball.

Other than that I've just been feeding and occasionally grooming them this week. Yesterday I cleaned out the stall I use for hay, tack, and feed storage. Well, actually I haven't used it for feed storage yet, because the floor was covered with old waste hay, but now I can move the feed. The idea is that the kids will get the cute little shed I've used for my feed and tack as their playhouse. One of these days... I'm so slow.

Today I'm heading up to Spokane to have dinner with my parents at one of my favorite restaurants. I'm more excited to be going shopping at Big R for a hay bag for Tonka's big trip to the adoption, and a western belt for myself. And some feed of course. We may swing by Coeur d' Alene and pick up a bit for Mack.

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