Saturday, September 15, 2007

Well, it looks like we're going to adopt another mustang! I am going up to the adoption next weekend and knew that I'd be picking one out in my mind. So I finally broke down and asked and John laughed at me, said he couldn't believe it'd taken me so long to bring it up. He's been admiring Tonka and how good he is, and wishing for that in a horse for himself. So we're going to pick one out for John! He'll prepare by riding Mack more and getting more ready to be riding a green horse. The horse will eventually go to a local trainer who can take him out in the mountains and get him doing the kind of riding we're going to be doing with him, as well as working on the more technical stuff. He'll probably stay there for 90 days or however long it takes to make him steady and mostly trustworthy.

Now I can't wait to get there and start watching and watching and watching. And of course taking pictures. I'll go up Friday and get a good idea of which ones have the right size and temperament, and bring home pictures to John, then we'll both go up Saturday with Tonka as an ambassador. John can pick out his horse and bid, then bring him home while I wait with Tonka for John to come back and get us... Or maybe we'll take Tonka home first, the come back for the new horse. That makes more sense. Wish we had a stock trailer with slam gate. I don't want them going together in our trailer, too much stress for Tonka and possibilities of stepping on each other.

I've got kids to get to bed. Just thought I'd share the great news!

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