Monday, September 17, 2007

Today we had a not-so-fun ride. It was probably doomed from the start. I was in a bad mood all morning, but by the time I had him groomed and saddled that was gone. It was also the first time I've ridden him when nobody is around in case I get hurt. And it's windy and the weather's changing. Lot of negative influences there...

He wasn't BAD. But he wasn't good either. Snatching his face away when I asked for it, spooking a couple of times, just generally not much fun. But my butt stayed in the saddle and we worked some more, and then I got off and got a halter and lunged him. He was just really DULL up until that point. Then he was all ears, cute as a bug, saying "Yes mom, how can I please?" He was still a bit rattled when I tried to take him for a walk though. Did some ground tying lessons, which he didn't really do too well at because he kept trying to eat. Blah. I loved on him some after that and then walked him out to the pasture and let him go.

Oh, we did have some different tack today. A comfier cinch I stole from Soxy's saddle, a breastcollar I didn't use when we were using the martingale, a different underpad and different reins. So maybe that had him a little bothered, but really I don't know... He seemed pretty okay with the tack. And he looked really handsome today. :)

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