Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today has been fun so far.
Photo journal style, because I am, as usual, very tired. Very, very, very tired.
I hope my coffee kicks in quick!

"Hi there!"

"Ugh, I hate this thing, but okay..."

That's all one big snarl. But I did get started and split them apart a bit. That's the biggest of all of them. Going to need some detangler when she's ready!

What a sweetie.

Check out lard-butt! He looks like a halter horse! I guess my worry of him being too thin was unfounded. Just a growth spurt, I think, because he's suddenly taller too.

They're both pretty darn special.

Tonight I'll fill the tarp with water and ask him to step through. Shouldn't be an issue. Then we'll try the tarp and pole and barrel stuff under saddle. Wish me luck at the clinic tomorrow. I don't want to die! He did give one enormous "leap of the goat" in the beginning when the banner apparently did something unexpected. I wasn't paying attention, don't know what the deal was, but was glad I wasn't riding.

(Tracey, Belle really does look a lot like Sunny! Neat.)

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