Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today Tonka and I worked on tarp stuff. Actually, it wasn't a tarp, just an old banner of my husband's. He's seen it before, hung on the fence to prepare him for banners at shows, possibly flapping in the wind or displaying other startling behaviors.

He walked and stood on it and wore it. He really wasn't too sure about wearing it, but he did okay. On the way back to the pasture it fell off and I didn't even know it because he didn't react. Good boy.

Bella got a little attention, and actually took some "goodies" from my hand. I'm trying out the feed LMF Gold. I didn't realize it had so many oats in it, or I wouldn't have bought it, but it also has whole black oil sunflower seeds, and some really tasty pellets. The other horses ADORE it. Most of them only get a cup, so the oats won't hurt them. Anyway, Bella ate a handful, and seemed very thoughtful about it. I think she liked it. She didn't spit it out. But she also didn't eat more. I left some for her, mixed with my vitamins (of course if she were eating the full ration of the feed I wouldn't feed vitamins, but since that's a minimum of 5lbs and she's got maybe a cup, I don't think I'll overdose her on minerals at all). I don't know if she ate it later, I'll have to check in the morning.

Tomorrow I need to trim Tonka, groom and work with him, hopefully with a real tarp this time, and possibly with some water in it. I also need to put the dividers back in the trailer for the trip to the clinic on Friday. I'd like to wash the truck, clean my cupboards and walls, and get a lot of other housework done if possible. I may not be able to go in and spend time with baby tomorrow! So upsetting. I also need to build a gate, move Soxy in with the other fatties, and figure out a way to keep her shaded during the day since Bella took her stall. Soxy's eyes are very sensitive to sunlight (possible uveitis). I'd hoped with a fly mask on it wouldn't be an issue to leave her out during the day, but she's been getting crusty goobers. Not a good sign.

Oh! You should have seen Bella watching Tonka and I working! She was at attention. Wonder what she was thinking. She saw me loving on them afterward, and wanted to be part of it, but not really... She approached and watched avidly, but didn't want me to reach through the fence.

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