Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Today I finally got to go out and get to work on cleanup of the sacrifice area. It's a big area. And when we had all 4 horses on it, it got covered in poop pretty fast.
When I took the mower with its cart in, he was curious enough to follow, but still a little concerned. (Did I talk about our new mower? I like it! Mainly I like the dumper cart part, and John can enjoy the mowing...)

Then he sniffed, balked a teeny bit, and sniffed some more. Then he went and took a nap while I filled it. I think the greatest thing would be if you could teach a horse to clean up after himself. I found myself wishing more than ever that my horses would poop in "stud piles."

Once it was full, he decided to come visit again. Nosing through the poop like maybe I'd hidden something good there, and then he couldn't keep his lips off the cart. I'd have let him bite it, it's just going to get well-used eventually anyway, but he just very carefully almost bit it. Odd, but okay...

Here's the little area I got clean.

And here's what I have left. Fun. But I know I can scoop more in an hour than they can poop in a couple days, so I should get caught up eventually.

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