Monday, September 03, 2007

We went down the road again! No preliminary work this time, just a bit of flexing and yielding and on up the driveway we went. He was a peach. Got worried twice, so I got off. I don't remember what the first object was, but it was scary! We got past it and then it may as well not exist. The second scary thing was a guy mowing his lawn on the other side of some trees. Not as scary, but still, we walked past it and then I got back on. The trip back was uneventful since he'd already been past all that. We went at least twice as far as we did yesterday, maybe a mile total.

When we got home I hosed him off, even washing his face, and he drank out of the hose. Now he's taking a nap at the tie post so he can't cake himself with dirt. I think I'll go see if he's dry.

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