Monday, September 03, 2007

Yesterday we went for our first ride down the road! WAY overdue, really, but we haven't ridden but once in the last two weeks or more. First we trotted some patterns in the pasture so he'd be a little better focused. Then on up and out into the real world we went. He did great. I did get off once to introduce him to a big tractor tire feeder in the neighbor's corral right next to the road. He was very afraid of that. Then we went up to the next neighbor's and turned around and came home. He was doing so well that I cut it short. And I was getting tired. It was a big day yesterday. When we got back we practiced stopping. He's was a bit slow on the uptake at first but when he started paying attention better he did it well. And then pivoting on his hind quarters and side passing. He did well!

There is a mustang adoption in Coeur d' Alene this month. They're adopting out horses from southern Idaho, which doesn't happen often. I read an article several years ago talking about the quality of the horses from Idaho and the the fact that a lot of people will only adopt from there. So I'm excited to see them! I'm going to call and see if I can take Tonka with me as an ambassador. I'm getting kind of excited about it, and I really ought not to just yet. I want to put together a photo presentation either on posterboard or in a photo album to show potential adopters how easy it can be.

I may take him to a fair in Colfax next weekend, just so he can be there amidst the turmoil again. I don't actually want to show him. One of these days I probably will though, just for kicks. Or at least do the trail part, if you can do that by itself. I don't really know anything about conventional showing.

Yesterday I had to separate the other two boys. They sure do mark Tonka up. Normally I feel bad for a horse all covered in bite marks, but he just doesn't get out of the way! He's so pesky and doesn't listen to the "commands" of the older horses, so he gets bitten. Then he moves. Dummy.

Check out our new toy! Well, okay, it's a tool, not a toy. But it's fun! It will be oh so wonderful to have. John and Liam already knocked down a bunch of my bad weeds, and I used it to haul hay bales last night.

Here are the boys putting together my little dumper cart:

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