Monday, October 08, 2007

Bella is getting better all the time. Today she was more relaxed. On the left side today I rubbed her a lot, worked my way up to her poll, over her ears, and onto her forehead. Then worked up her neck, to her jaw, and forward toward the front of her face under her eye. Even removed an eye booger! I loosened the noseband part of her halter, which made me feel better, and I got an impression she was happier, but who knows... It had rubbed some of the hair off her jaw on the bottom, because it was a bit too snug when she chewed.

Tonight I rubbed her right side. I even rubbed her bellybutton! Then worked advance-and-retreat style all up and down her right foreleg. She didn't like when I touched the hoof itself, but was really not all that worried about it otherwise. She really was relaxed, just eating. Good girl.

Tomorrow I would love to be able to ride. We'll see. Tonka of course, not Bella! :)

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