Sunday, October 07, 2007

I've been missing my horse pretty badly. It's not like he's not right there, and I feed him twice a day and sweet-talk him, but I haven't had time to spend with him. Last night I was feeling really sick (I have a cold) so I went out to feed early and I was going to be lazy the rest of the evening. But as soon as I walked out there, he perked up and started heading for me like he always does. I love his sweet face. So I shimmied under the fence (closest point to get into the pasture) which rather shocked him for some reason. It's not like he hasn't seen me do it before. But usually he's not standing right over the top of me when I do. I loved on him a bit, rubbed his muddy spots, and then went and got them some hay. His hay went right next to Bella so she could watch me love on him. She was very interested. I got him all groomed up, and was going to show Bella how I lift his feet, but then I noticed it looked like he's been rubbing his butt on something. His winter coat was all ruffled toward the bottom of his butt cheeks, like where a britchen would sit. Hmm. Ahh, maybe it's his filthy sheath. He's dirtier than most, and a lot of horses will butt rub when that itches, since they can't really scratch it. So... I had to reach under and pick the bits out of the folds, and work my way in deeper to where it was gooey and sticky instead of firm dry clumps. EWWW. I got a lot out of there, I hope he appreciates it, because it was disgusting. I couldn't check for a bean because that part of the apparatus had quickly darted away. I have to point out that I did all this picking and reaching while he was without a halter or lead, and he didn't raise a fuss at all. I know, there are lots of other horses out there that are that good, but Tonka is my boy, and he makes me proud and happy.

So here I am with gooey smegma on my hands to the point where my fingers are sticking together, and I want to still be able to work with Bella. I went to the hose, which happened to be filling Bella's trough, and washed as best I could, then rubbed my hands in the grass a lot. That at least got me presentable enough to love on miss filly. She was a good girl, and actually relaxed while I was rubbing her left side. I tried to introduce her to the new halter, and she was okay with it on her neck and body, but not so much near her head. We'll work on that. I want to get that web halter off, it's making her hair all funny and I don't want her to end up with a halter dent in her nose. But I need to be able to get a rope halter on. I was actually tempted to just take the halter off and leave her naked. It's not like the halter does us any good, she's so worried about pressure on it. But I'd prefer to have something on her. Maybe a collar? I could get that on pretty easily... I'll think about it. Makes me a little nervous, something on her neck... But there's nothing to get caught on, and if it were a flat web collar it'd be less likely to be dangerous. Maybe I just ought to work more on the haltering.

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