Friday, November 16, 2007

Nothing much going on with the mustangs. Bella got kicked out of her stall today and is standing out in the rain, poor girl. Really, she doesn't care. I gave her stall to Soxy who got her teeth floated today and needed a warm, dry, food-free area after her sedation.

The equine dentist around here has this neat trailer, it's huge. The horse loads directly up a ramp into a set of stocks. Yeah, that sounds pretty intimidating, but they don't have trouble with it apparently. Soxy wasn't too excited about it, but she did alright.

In the picture she's happily sedated, has a speculum holding her mouth open, and most of the work is already done. She had some issues that made her less straight-forward than most, but still noting terrible. She's got good teeth for an old lady, just needed a little help. I'm really glad I called the real dentist, rather than any old vet. Hopefully we can continue to have her help in the future, it sounds like she's got a pretty full schedule...

She did look at Bella's gnarly teeth picture and said it does not look like normal shedding of baby teeth. We should be fine to wait until spring to get them looked at/worked on, and even if the damage isn't fixable, she will be able to eat and should do fine throughout life. So not exactly good news, but not exactly bad either.

Altogether it's been a fun and enlightening day! I am so glad no irreparable damage was done to Soxy's mouth by that vet last spring.

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