Sunday, November 18, 2007

With the weather the way it is, I'm limited in my horse interaction. Yesterday my friend Laura and I groomed Bella, one on either side, and she was such a good girl. She did start to step on Laura's toe, and Laura pulled back really fast and scared her, but she just kind of startled in place. Didn't run over me, how nice of her to think of me. Her mane got terribly tangled in the wind and the rain, and Laura got it all untangled again. If we have time this morning we'll braid it for her. It just keeps getting tangled in that one spot.

I guess that's all of interest I have to say about the beasties. Except that Bella's belly is looking decidedly pregnant. I think we'd best not make plans to send her to the trainer in the spring. But still, you never know, bellies can be deceiving.

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