Monday, November 12, 2007

Wet, yawning Tonka.

The weather today was absolutely disgusting. Extremely high winds and buckets of rain. I had a chance to ride at the arena across the highway, but the thought of even just hitching up the trailer was really yucky. But I remembered how much I need to be spending time with my boy, and how I rarely get to ride with other people, and that I've been meaning to see how he does at the arena, and I went anyway. We had fun. This was his first trip over there and he was nervous at first, but not very. After a lot of mellow ground work, playing with cones, poles, and barrels, I went ahead and saddled him up. That was of course when the arena owners decided to bring a mare and foal in from turnout, separately, so they were hollering back and forth. Tonka loves baby horses. He got a little wound up, but not too bad. Then I rode around doing nothing much for a while, and we went home.

And look here! I was finally able to upload video! Here's the neat little trick we learned last week.

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