Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bella went for a walk out in the world today. Well, okay, not really out in the world, but out in the pasture. I put a halter on her and on Tonka, just in case, and shut the other two horses out in the big pasture, then opened the gate wide and invited her through. Tonka of course was happy to head on out, but Bella was pretty sure it was a bad idea. She just stood and looked and looked. So I hooked up the lead rope and gently asked her, a step at a time, to come on through. She investigated a lot and finally was able to commit. Then we walked to the end of the enclosure, stopping to sniff every pile of poo. It was a long trip for such a short distance. :) On the way back she walked right out, no switching sides by ducking behind me, no fear, just walked out briskly. I put her back and gave her some hay. She walked through the gate with no hesitation that second time through. She's come a long way! Still a long ways to go, of course, but I'm pretty pleased with her!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? If I don't leave the house she'll probably spend the whole day out in that section of pasture with Tonka. I may take Tonka and go ride (I hope so! It's been too long!), but if I do I'll just put her back while we're gone. Hopefully she won't be hard to catch. :)

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