Monday, December 03, 2007



GROSS weather today. Raining hard all day, and extreme winds. This is the kind of weather where I feel really bad for the horses. Which isn't exactly why I put the blanket on Tonka. I was thinking of going to ride at the arena so I blanketed him hoping it would help dry him off, since he won't stand inside. I have a flat on my trailer but my sister was going to come get us. Then she decided she didn't want to bother in this weather, so I went outside to do some work. An hour later I came back in and she'd called saying she went ahead and hitched up and her horse was in the trailer ready to go. Unfortunately I got the message way too late. Some people are really hard to make plans with. Such is life. And I can't go tomorrow because I have a physical therapy appointment during my kid-free time. Ah well...

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