Friday, December 28, 2007

Just now I went out again to check Tonka's water levels. Still the same as they were after his big drink this morning. He was looking depressed so I let him out. He took a small drink out of the trough and then followed me all over the place. Ate some snow. He checked out the sound his lip made on my coat, all the while not looking at me as if I'd not notice his sneaky wiggling lip if his attention was directed elsewhere. I decided to let him out into the big pasture until feeding time. I marked the trough where the water is now, and it's not currently heated so I know the water's not going to evaporate away. Still no word on the poo I sent to the vet this morning. Starting to wonder if they forgot me. I'd like to know if I need to get him some pepto or something. I think I'll go call them.

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nikki said...

Awe, Poor Tonka! I hope that he is feeling better soon!