Friday, December 28, 2007

Ugh, what a morning! I can't believe it's not a lot later than it is. I've been trudging around in the snow forever.

Tonka is fine, well, as fine as could be with awful diarrhea. He's in his little pen, drank 4-5 gallons in the last 12 hours. When you add the water that's in his soaked hay, I think that's enough.

I looked all over the place in my tack/feed area for the electrolyte paste I had forgotten I had. I couldn't find it anywhere. My tack room is a lot more organized now though... Then I remembered the first aid kit in my trailer. Duh! Trudged way out there through the ever deepening snow (6-10 inches) and found not only the electrolytes, but also a whole tube of Banamine! I can't believe I forgot about that and sent my husband out into a snow storm to get some. Then drove to town on bad roads with my kids the next day to get more. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I guess I don't keep my head on straight in times of emergency as well as I thought I did. So now I have 2 tubes (6 doses) of Banamine that I hope I never have to use, that will expire at some point. The stuff isn't cheap...

THEN I decided to fill troughs. Got the one that was 2 hose lengths from the house filled no problem. Dragged hoses around to the other end of the house, added a third hose, hooked it up, turned it on, had a blockage. Darn frozen hose! I did drain them well! I wonder if when it was raining cats and dogs, some water got in through the holes in the hose (that one has several duct taped leaks). Whatever... I ended up putting that hose in the trough with the tank heater, and bucketing the water out of Tonka's trough (which he isn't using) into the other to raise the water level over the coiled hose. It'll thaw pretty quickly that way. But I think I'll wait until tomorrow to tackle that job again.

So there you go. My life story for today. Now I'm off to do dishes and laundry and all kinds of other glamorous stuff. :)

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