Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tonka has a few little quirks. One of them is really baffling. I haven't known a horse that does it, although I'm sure he's not unique. If he sees something he's mildly worried about, he wants to investigate it. But he doesn't leave it at that. He really wants to interact with it in some way and scare himself. It's bizarre. He doesn't do it just to prove to himself that the thing is okay, he really is looking to spook, and he does. Or sometimes he does just knock it over or run over it or whatever, and wants it to disrupt whatever we're doing so that he can not do it. Maybe that's what the spooking is about too, just looking for a break in the work. Whatever it is, it's goofy.

Yesterday as we were going past a pasture where my brother in law stores all his farm equipment, Tonka got a little goosy and worried, then started very pointedly drifting toward some huge blue grain augers. I really had to get after him to get him back on the road. What a dork.

Another thing he displayed yesterday was hmm, let me think of a good term for it... Trail sourness? The opposite of barn sour. As long as we were headed OUT, he was a mover and a shaker. But turn back toward the barn and he was a poky booger.

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