Sunday, December 09, 2007

Well, we got four new horses yesterday. Nice calm beasties, all of them, and the foal is adorable, of course.

A nice brown mare with feathered legs, I think she's my favorite. She has a very compact mustangy look. A small (for a draft) draft type mare, her foal is a sorrel pinto, and a nice grullo appaloosa stud.

I tried to take pictures but apparently my camera was too cold to turn on.

Unfortunately two of them came with shoes on, so of course those shoes will have to come off so we can begin to transition them to healthy, happy barefoot beasties. It's kind of a pain, since I don't have the right tools for shoe pulling. It can be done though, with patience and perseverance. I've started working on the brown mare, and she stands for foot work like a champ, even though I have to put her in some awkward positions and fumble about. Her feet seem pretty healthy despite the shoes.

Luckily the drafter isn't shod, she's got big heavy feet. And of course now the foal will never see a shoe. :)

We'll see how the stud does later. I don't have much experience dealing with stallions. He seems to be a pretty normal horse. Luckily he never had to live the box stall existence that a lot of stallions have had to, he was out with a herd prior to coming here. (The foal isn't his).

I've got a lot of driving to do today, will be home late, so you probably won't see pictures until tomorrow, sorry!

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