Thursday, January 31, 2008

My horse is a BAD BOY. I was getting ready to look for my snowshoes but decided to look out toward the horses to see how bad the snow is. He was chasing Clara, biting her, and just not leaving her alone. Bella was getting in on it a bit too. I hurried out there, yelled at him and he stopped. It took me a while to catch him, he was being a wild boy. My fault for not playing with him enough. I finally caught him and took stock of the situation. Had to figure out where to put everyone... I decided to put him with Mack and Soxy, then I can have the tiny pen and the small pen to keep Bella and Clara separate. On the way into the other pasture we had to go through a ditch. The snow was up to his belly! I didn't have my camera at that point unfortunately. Then Mack ran him and ran him, while I cheered him on.

Look what he did to poor Clara's eye and ear:
Her other eye has a broken blood vessel near it, and who knows what else is there that I can't see under her fur.

Mack is trying to be an appaloosa:Soxy IS an appaloosa, but she's spottier today:
Tonka was being ostracised, the big jerk:

He looks skinny today with his fuzzies plastered down:
My little visitor:

I'm glad I don't use this gate often:
Bella belle, looking slim too, other than the belly:
The hens know the good place to hang out on a day like today:

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Christy said...

Must be in the air today! Henry was acting a fool too!

I'd love to tap into your knowledge about chickens. I'd love to have a few for the eggs, but don't have a clue about how to do it all.