Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yesterday, in the process of removing the van from the ditch next to my driveway (see yesterday's photo), I lost my fence. Just one post, but I don't know if I can put a new one in. I'm hoping to have John try it later. He says he can drive a T-post through anything. So hopefully Bella and Tonka won't be confined to the small pen for long. They're sharing with Clara the heifer, and they all seem to get along well, but at feeding time there can be some kicking of the cow. Not very nice.

We already had too much snow, thank you very much, but this morning we woke up to another 6 inches or more. And this heavy snowfall is supposed to continue through most of the day. With wind. So not only do we have a whole lotta snow coming down, it's drifting too.

I've got to find my snowshoes so I can go feed. Seriously. I am not making that long trek out to Soxy and Mack at the grain bins without snowshoes. Not only would it wear me out, but I'm not sure I even can walk in snow that deep. Actually, it's a little bit fun, roughing it... If only John didn't insist that he has to go to town today. If he doesn't it's going to cost us a lot of money. But if he does, well, bad things could happen. If he can even get to the highway. I imagine our road may be impassable if the plow hasn't come through yet, which it probably hasn't. Maybe I'll hike out there in my snowshoes and check it out. Wish us luck!

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