Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bella's becoming a big girl! She loaded into the trailer 4 times today. We just took it slow. The thing that bothered her the most was backing out. That last step's kind of scary.

Then I tied her next to Tonka, who had been standing there snorting and grunting while we practiced trailer loading. I moved him as soon as she was tied because he was being a pesky jerk. She wasn't actually tied hard to the post, I used the Blocker tie ring. Lovely thing, gives me great peace of mind. But she didn't need it. She just stood there for about 45 minutes. I groomed her, picked her feet, and then went and trimmed Tonka. The one thing she really didn't like was being asked to move her hindquarters while tied. She swished her tail.

Look at that big belly! And big head. And big ears! Jeez. (Don't mind the funny forelock, it got all kinked out of shape from the previous braid.)

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