Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am sitting here recovering from doing my physical therapy exercises and trying to think which of my many tasks I should do next. So while I wait for my laundry to be ready to come out of the dryer, let's get to know each other. I'm begging for your comments. I often go to StatCounter and look at all the places people are visiting me from. But it only tells me boring stats and city names, and I'd like to hear from YOU.

Where ya at?
Did you see the lunar eclipse?
What's the weather like?
Do you like this time of year?
Any big plans for spring/summer?

As you know, I'm in Idaho. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL. Still cold at night, but the days have been gloriously sunny, and it actually got up to 50 degrees yesterday! Wow! So, right now, I'm loving this time of year. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain/snow, so don't ask me tomorrow if I like this time of year.

I think I've always liked this time of year. Well, maybe not when I lived in wet western Washington. There's so much potential, so many possibilities, you can just feel the world coming back to life. There's an energy. It's really exciting. Yeah, I'm a dork. Spring Fever, you know, does it happen to you?

I'm starting to have all these big plans. Horse events for the most part. If I wasn't so discouraged about the whole garden thing I'd be planning my garden. I have been thinking about planting trees, and taking down old fencing, burning the burn pile, cleaning up the toys and lumber my son has scattered that are reappearing from under the snow, fixing the chicken & turkey coops. So many fun things to do. Oh, and painting the trim on the house. NOT fun. I would LOVE to hire someone for that.

Today I'm going to do laundry, finish the dishes, inventory fence stuff, get the horses out, saddle Tonka, take one of them for a walk, set up obstacles and ride Tonka in the front field only (I don't have my cell phone today in case of emergency). Then I'll make my daughter sweep the house, my son clean his room, and hmm... Do more dishes and cook dinner.

Well, that's my plan anyway. My energy levels are pitiful though, so I may not get all of that done. Oh yeah, and I'm trying to drink less coffee.

Hope I didn't bore you to death. Don't forget to leave a comment! At least say hi. Or boo. Or something.


persefone_zoo said...

lindo blog de caballos ;)

Akyramoto said...

Where ya at? Northern, CA
Did you see the lunar eclipse?
yup I video taped some of it & stuck it on youtube.
What's the weather like? rainy this morning, but now the sun is out.
Do you like this time of year?
yes & no, rain is good, love the sunny days - can't wait to get the garden going.
Any big plans for spring/summer?
Might be getting a horse, working on the fencing right now, thats pretty exciting.

John Adler said...
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John Adler said...

I'm in Clarkson, WA. I'm a virgo. I like long walks on the beach, and I've had a few drinky drinkies. But I've always wanted to tell you how much I love you. There. I said it. It's out there now. I love you with all my heart and I always will. Love you love you love you love you.

Christy said...

OMG, how sweet was that!!!

I'm in Gig Harbor WA
Missed the eclipse, darnit.
Weather here has been nice for 3 straight days!!
I prefer Spring to this time of year, I just want it to make up it's mind instead of flip flopping!
No big plans yet, something horsey and lots of camping.

BTW, love the blog and can't wait for Bella to pop!!

Andrea said...

John, you dork, you're not a virgo. And I hope you're not drinking on the job, the boss is sure to find out... :P I love you too!

Akyramoto, how exciting to be planning on getting a horse! I love working on the fence. It's kind of like meditation. Until you find yourself all the way across the property and lacking the one thing you need to finish the job.

Persefone, I love all the pictures on your blog.

Thanks for leaving comments! Makes me feel special.

Andrea said...


No fair to have nice weather when you've got so much going on! I hope you've been able to enjoy it (and not just when untangling Henry from the fence). I guess it's better to have nice weather than rain in any circumstances though.

Della said...

I am over here on the West side of Washington State....I did see the lunar eclipse, but you know that...AND YOUR HUSBAND ROCKS. He's really so awesome...anyway, back to the answers...
I don't care for this time of year much, no, but it's getting better. This Spring, my bestest friend and her family, all of whom I love and miss greatly, are making the long trek over here to visit me! I can't wait!

nikki said...

Hi Andrea! Just stopping by real quick to leave ya a comment to your questions! :) Uh... I live in CO but am soon moving (in 2 weeks) to MN 20 mins from Fargo, ND. We did not get to enjoy the lunar eclipse due to cloud coverage. The weather in CO has been in the 40s and breezy at times. My fav seasons are Spring and Summer since you can do more things outside and it stays light longer. My big plans this summer are to work on more ground training with my horses and I am going to shadow a horse trainer and maybe start working on saddle training Tabasco and Shoni! Yey!

Shelly said...

I'm from Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. Our weather has been typical Saskatchewan weather. Tuesday all day and night it was
-32C (-26F) and today it's a balmy -9C (15F) and with this weather today guarteened there will be people BBQ, wearing t-shirts loving every minute of it. This is not my favorite time of the year at all. I do ski-doo so that sort of makes up for it. But this year was a really cold year and just too cold to be outside much. We also get wind chills on top of those temperatures so at times we had -37C (-35F) with windchills of -50C (-58F) basically skin freezes instantly. I love Spring and summer (love seeing all the new babies and plants) and it always amazes me how warm spring always feels and how cold the same temperature is in the fall! As for plans for the summer...nothing really planned as of yet, hopefully do a lot more riding and a lot more photography.

Keep up the good blog!

jules said...

Hi, I'm Jules from -

Perth, Western Australia
Very very hot! 38C +++
I like the heat; the humidity not so much.

That would be autumn / winter down here on the bottom of the world ... We don't really get autumn and spring, we have 9 months of gorgeous summer and 3 months of slightly wet winter, with a couple of weeks of dodgy weather in between. Sounds tough, huh?

I start riding lessons on Tuesday! I rode all during my teens [which were, um, a while back now] so I'm VERY excited.

I have two Maine Coon Cats, who are huge and very fluffy; I have considered clipping them for summer as the amount of fur they drop could account for half Australia's total wool clip!

Andrea said...

Nikki - I hope you have a smooth moving experience. That's a long way to go with horses!

Shelly - What horrible weather! I hope it warms up soon!

Wow Jules, I want to come live there! It sounds perfect! Except for the heat actually... Nevermind... I don't do heat very well.

Thanks to all of you for dropping by to say hi! I'm loving all the comments.

Shelly said...

I hope it warms up soon too, but to be perfectly honest, I'm so used to this weather it's not even funny. I had emailed this lady named Ann who's blog is Smells Horsy and I emailed her pictures of the horr frost (Not sure the proper spelling on it and I don't want to offend anyone) of our water bowls being completely frozen over, solid ice blocks which we have to go and pour hot water and chip away at everyday. It's just life where we live and our horses don't get treated any differently they are used to it and love it. They are so frisky in the snow and it makes you cringe thinking of them on the ice but they still run and buck and kick and wouldn't trade any minute of it. I also think they love it because on our farm, they are basically hay busters all winter long, they do nothing but eat and eat and eat and then they forage through the snow for more to eat! It's great! The only one on our farm to be babied (and when I say our farm, I mean my dad's who's been there for 40 years still keeps my horses for me since I live in the city now) was my old horse who we had to put down about a year and a half ago. He was so old and sick near the end, couldn't keep weight on, couldn't really grow his full winter coat that he went into the barn with a blanket every single night all year long and let me tell you none of our horses have ever spent more than a night in the barn before so he was so spoiled but when you've been so great to your owners for 15 years (he was 28 when we bought him and we were only the 2nd owners) you deserve every minute of pampering/babying. He was my forever horse and I can never replace him! Love hearing about your mustangs, keep up the great work!