Thursday, February 21, 2008

I forget what I said I was going to do earlier, but I didn't do it all. Tonka and I did obstacles. I tied him up and then took Bella out. Bella and I went for a walk around and she got to do the obstacles too. She did really well. Some hesitation, and a couple moments where she claimed she didn't know what I meant, but she walked over hoses, a log, a hay bale, a piece of OSB, a tennis racket cover, a lunge line, a stick. We walked through the woods behind the house too. Then I put her away and Tonka got to stand there tied by himself for a couple hours because he was being a big baby about standing there.

I took a walk by myself up the hill and down to the creek, which was rather full. I sat in the bushes wishing I didn't live right by a highway. Because I love this place, but I never feel really alone and at ease, here in the wide open with all the cars going by. Plus the noise is even more annoying when there's a nice babbling creek I'm trying to listen to.

Before I untied Tonka I dug through my horse junk looking for a grooming block. The one I've been using is getting pretty small, and they're the best things in the world for shedding. I found it, but I also found my clippers. Which reminded me that I wanted to clip his brand for the brand inspections on the first. Just so happened there was an extension cord right there too.

Tonka FREAKED OUT. Poor guy, he was shaking. Tried to bolt. That's before I even turned on the clippers. The cord was terrifying. So we worked on that. Eventually I turned on the clippers, more eventually I touched my hand that was holding the clippers to his shoulder. Long story short, by taking our time we managed to get it done! I clipped the brand and his bridle path. Afterward, because he was still scared, I drove him over the cord many, many times. Then he stood on the cord and eyed it very suspiciously while I took all the braids out of his mane. I wish he'd get over his fear of "snakes." It's a really big deal for him. And me. I like my mount to keep his feet near the ground...

Now I have horse hair in my throat, I think it's burrowing into my flesh. And all over everywhere else too. I stood downwind. Dumb. I think I'll go take a shower!

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