Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Bella beastie escaped today. Wild thing that she is. I turned her out of her stall and proceeded to mix feed and rock out to my iPod (actually was listening to my one and only country song...) when I heard a suspicious sound of hooves. I had forgotten to close the gate to her pen yesterday. She went about 10 feet and started to graze. I grabbed a lead rope, petted her a bit, hooked it on, and let her graze a bit more before putting her back. She sure is a wild thing!

She is wearing a halter 24 hrs a day, only as a precaution against dangerous behavior when the baby is born. Mamas can become quite different when they have a little one to protect. And I need to at least be able to iodine his navel. Or confine her if she tries to hurt the baby. Which I really don't think she will. She is quite eager to have a little one nurse off some of the pressure in her udder.

As you can probably tell, there is no baby yet... No dripping anymore either, I don't think, although I belatedly realized I didn't really look closely.

I'm going to risk a trip to the store for eggs. Have to color eggs! Our hens lay brown eggs, which really don't dye well at all. I'll be gone about 20 minutes, max. Think she'll take this opportunity to do something? I'm beginning to doubt the baby will ever come...


Tracey said...

Oh...eggs...Easter... I didn't get anything for Easter baskets for my kids! Yikes!!

I have a confession to make; I've not iodined lamb navels for two years now. Silly, really, but so often they lamb while I'm dead asleep and when I wake up there's really no point as it's all dry.

You'd better be careful with that wild horse of your's; I've heard they can be quite dangerous!

Andrea said...


I hope you made it to the store! Poor, unfortunate kids... I had to send

I never thought about lambs needing navels iodined... I don't think my friend who raises them does it either. Maybe we're all worrying for naught? I'm still going to do my best to get it done.