Friday, March 21, 2008

This is the best pic I have of her dropping off in the croup area. I'm not imagining it. She really does look poor all along her topline, but that area is definitely angular.

Compare to this, which is the best pic I could find that shows her normal hiney. Not the same angle. But it's the best I could do.

My sister was bothered by her forelock in her eyes, so she braided it. Makes her ears look big. Well, they are big, but it makes that stand out more. :)

I think what I have here is a water loving horse. She didn't get out of the ditch until it ended.

Her teats dripping more seriously now. Her hooves are shiny with it. Some on her legs too. Not a steady drip by any means. I never did actually see a drop fall. But a good sign that things are happening. Her vulva is very wet (Not often you can say that in public and get away with it. Juvenile giggle.) and dripping a bit too. Some good contractions going on... I won't say I think it'll be tonight, because I've said that what, two or three times already? I'll just say I hope she doesn't drip too long before having the baby.


John Adler said...

Oh my, you have said that it might be tonight WAY more than 2 or 3 times. :)

Andrea said...

I resemble that statement!

Well, it could be any night... But there have only been two or three that I REALLY thought we were going for it. I think baby's going to hold out until mother's day, like Liam did.