Friday, April 18, 2008

Big comfy couch?
My handsome boy, who was so good this windy day
(Although you may notice we went for a walk rather than a ride)

Again, my handsome fella. Can't wait until he's all shed out.

I swear all my horses are going to float away like helium balloons one of these days.
Here's Tonka after his bucking spree, settled down again. Note big handsome Angus in his horse blanket in the background. Can't wait until we can leave the coat off for the summer!


Pony Girl said...

What a pretty Boy Tonka is! I've taken my horse on a lot of walks this winter....sometimes it's just the better option.

Andrea said...

Thanks! I sure like him. I know he's not perfect but that's okay, he has a lot of gorgeous moments...

Yeah, today I kept thinking I needed to ride anyway, but with nobody else around and a big jump he did when I first got him out, I decided that really any time would be time well spent, and why take a risk?