Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I am so tired. About to pass out on my feet and still so much to do. So just a quick update. My worries: He wasn't nursing on both sides-resolved. He isn't pooping by himself-not resolved after 2 enemas. He pooped so much last night I thought we were home free, but now he's not... So I'm going to go give him another at feeding time, and then hopefully sleep for half the night before checking on them again. He's not violently straining or rolling or doing anything that causes me great alarm, but I need him to pass those hard little poops so he can have some normal milk poop!

Isn't he just the cutest!

Oh, and luckily Bella is putting up with my meddling. She doesn't like it when he struggles, but I still have my head, so it must be okay. She just runs circles around us when I harass him. She's showing some signs of discomfort in the belly, but nothing terrible.


Anonymous said...

Andrea, Andrea, Andrea Relax Let nature take its course. He will be just fine. Once they are nursing, you need to know hes good. Lea

Lady Of Chaos said...

He should be fine. It's gonna take some time for the first milk to work it's way through his system anyway. Since he has pooped you know his system is working, now let it work. :)

As for Bella being a bit crampy, that will happen for a few days at least. As long as she's not down and rolling in pain, she'll be fine.

He's a cutey! I just love his boots!

Anonymous said...

I had one mare that would lay down and roll and act like she had colic everytime the foal had nursed. Scared me to death !I called my vet and he said don't worry..When the foal nursed her uterus would contract as it slowly went back in place, and to some mares this was uncomfortable. I had just never seen one act that way before. Doris

Anonymous said...

oh yeah....I forgot to comment on his blanket!!!! That is sooooo cute and looks like it fits well ..You did a good job ! Doris