Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I had such a good time with my little stinker at feeding time tonight! He sniffs my face, which tickles like crazy with all those little whiskers, then he flips up his lip and tells me I stink! While he was sniffing I was able to pet him on his neck and shoulders, and eventually his ribs and butt too! Without restraining him! Woo hoo! I tell you, this is the most fun I've had with this baby yet. Other than seeing him born maybe.

I also rearranged Tonka's pasture today. I love temporary fencing. I'm going to turn him and the other two out together tomorrow. I had planned to do it this evening, but it took longer than I thought, so I ended up putting the three of them in real fencing for the night. Don't want them getting in trouble because they don't know where the fence is. Tonka got to enjoy it a bit, and ate as much grass as he possibly could before I opened the gate and he went in with the others. He's so good. I love that boy. I'm hoping to ride him on Thursday. It's been WAY too long.

Bella was a good girl too. Today when I needed to bring them in from the pasture she again refused to be caught. But it didn't take as long for her to run back into the small pen, and once inside she stood there waiting for me to catch her. So I did, and led her into the stall, then turned her loose again. Of course she took her son right back out into the hail, but only until I threw some hay in the stall.

A good day! Three special mustangs to share it with. What more can I ask?

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