Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I haven't kept up with replying to comments lately, but I wanted to say thank you all for visiting! And especially for leaving all your wonderful comments. I love to read them.

Some more eye candy for you today. Scout is nakey! He's really filling out. And getting more and more brave, exploring far away from mama as long as there's no "danger" around (namely, me). I should state that I am normally very opposed to turning horses out with a halter on. Not sure why I left Bella's on today, other than I just wasn't thinking. I led her out (couldn't lure her out with food) into the pasture and just let go... So I spent a long time approaching again to get it off. Which was a good lesson for her. The other day when I let them out I couldn't catch her. She ran until poor Scout's legs were shaking. Finally she ran into the stall and I went in and haltered her, then took it off, to show her that's all I wanted and it was NOT a big deal. The whole next day she shunned me. As if it was my fault she decided to run! I was only calmly walking, myself, and never once told her to run. Anyway... So today, after very little running on her part (but lots of evasiveness) I finally got up to her and scratched her quite a bit, then took the halter off and rubbed under her jaw, which is a favorite itchy spot. Then I left them alone. And Scout took advantage of his freedom to run huge loops almost the size of their pasture. I think it might be about an acre? I am so bad at guessing that sort of thing. I just looked up the measurements, and it's more like an acre and a half or something... Whatever. It's big enough for him to really stretch his legs. And now I have 3 pastures about the same size that I can rotate, as well as putting up temporary fencing around the place for them to graze. A lot of it will be hayed this year though. The unfenced part, that is.

Anywho, to that eye candy:

I love his spiky little mane! He's so dang cute! He still kicks me when I pick up his hind legs, and generally gives me a bit of a hard time, but he's coming around. He lets me pet his face and neck without restraining him. What a good boy!


Doris said...

Wow ! He is soooooo flashy looking with all that white !! You won't overlook him in a crowd. He is precious ! Doris

Lady Of Chaos said...

In that second pic down, it looks like he has that big QH butt! Of course we know better, but boy oh boy he's a looker!