Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scout wore a halter for the first time today! Doesn't he look happy about it? Well, yeah, I guess "happy" isn't quite the right word...
After a short lesson in giving to the halter (which was actually mainly him giving to my arm behind his butt) I took it off and rubbed him all over and baby-talked him to death. Katia held Bella for me, she was very helpful but she's quite opposed to the baby-talk.

Then I took them out into the pasture for some fun running around time. I'd prefer to have them out there all day, but the weather was just gross this morning and I had to leave for a while anyway. Not much better this afternoon, but oh well. See, he can fly too!
Look how well he's filling out. He's growing like a weed.
As you can probably tell, I found my camera! Yay! It turns out it was here all along.


Tracey said...

He may not look happy, but he looks handsome!

Thank you, btw, for my halter! It came yesterday and I love it!

Anonymous said...

What a handsome little man.